Maxim Magazine....not Maxim ICUnfortunately not that Maxim, but Maxim Integrated Products hopes they can make up for the disappointment with a clearer picture and better upconversion. They claim that their new  products, the MAX9500/9501 are the first and only true high definition video filter amplifiers. I've never checked the hz of the video amplifier in my set-top box so I don't know how true this is, but I'd like to see if it made a noticeable improvement in picture quality. From the press release:

"Most MPEG decoders in set-top boxes, DVD players, and AV receivers reconstruct HD video at 74.25MHz. Because, however, HD video signals have a 30MHz bandwidth, there will be a significant alias beginning at 44.25MHz. Therefore, customers need a filter that will pass the baseband video up to 30MHz, but fully attenuate the alias beginning at 44.25MHz. Existing HD filters cannot deliver this needed 30MHz, but instead provide only 15dB attenuation at 44.25MHz (see Figure 1), which allows the unwanted aliases to degrade the video quality."

Anyone have more information on this aspect of high definition signals? Diagram after the jump.

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