Movie on iPodWe speculated, prognosticated, and even just plain guessed that the iPod of the future will play high-def video. No, it won't be on a small screen in the current iPod form factor; more than likely, you'll hook up that iPod to an HDTV and pump out the content. Honestly, you don't need 1080p resolution on a portable device with a screen size smaller than your hand.

Seems like Slate magazine is catching our drift as they have thoughts on how Apple can become a force in the video industry. The article is a general thought and not specific to high-def, but the concepts still apply. Give the article and a read and let you us know what you think. Glad to see that Slate's reading the handwriting on the chalkboard!

Will the portability of future iPods be portability of the content to another device as opposed to the ability to play in a standalone form factor? What does Apple need to do to crack the video market currently reigned by cable, satellite, DVD and *gulps* Windows Media Center?


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