Samsung and Pioneer both have their first Blu-Ray players up for show and tell at CES. The Samsung BD-1000 is going to cost you a cool grand but at least they throw in the HDMI cable. They were smart by making the unit backwards compatible with current disks so this one unit can replace your current DVD player. This boy should be available sometime in the spring.

Not to take away from Samsung's limelight, but Pioneer has one upped them. Sure, Samsung's blu-ray player does the normal 720p and 1080i, but the Pioneer player does 1080p. But wait, there is more. They have include the ability to stream media (including high definition) from a Windows Media PC through an integrated Ethernet port. You do know that all this is going to cost you a bit more then the Samsung unit, right? Yah, this guy rings in at $1,799 and is going to be branded as a Pioneer Elite. It will be available in June.

The prices of these Blu-Ray players that will be available supposedly after the PS3 launch begs the question on how much the PS3 is really going cost.

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