Dish NetworkWhen we last left "As the Dish Turns," the leading man (played by Charlie Ergen) was reciting his lines about local HD channels and MPEG-4 transitions. In today's episode, the swashbuckling leader provides some additional lines details on what we can expect. A total of seven markets will have high-def locals by the February 1st episode, all of which will use MPEG-4 compression. By the end of the season year, Charlie will have 50 "angels"; that is: 50 local markets will have high-def availability.

If you're not interested in purchasing new equipment, have no fear, Charlie is here! Leasing options for the new MPEG-4 receivers will be available. The ViP 221 lease is expected to cost just $49.99, while the ViP 622 can be borrowed for $299. Stay tuned for Charlie's first full-length feature film, "I lost 12Mbps around my waist and you can too!"

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