DVI CableIf the predictions are correct, DVI technology may disappear faster than SACD & DVD-Audio as HDMI begins to take center stage. In-Stat is reporting that the number of HDMI-enabled devices sold in 2004 was 5 million, while in 2005 that number jumped to 17.4 million. Digital Visual Interface had one thing against it right off the bat: it's middle word of "Visual". DVI clearly provides a stunning digital signal, but for video only, while HDMI provides a digital conduit for both audio and video. Add the fact that the HDMI standards have been updated over the past year to include better PC compatibility as well as UDI, or Unified Display Interface specs and you've got DVI fading away into the digital sunset. In-Stat anticipates that DVI will be extinct by 2008, which is personally shocking as my two HDTVs are older than DVI!

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