There's no mention of a cameo in the Fox credits, but we're wondering if those awesome "24" writers snuck Senator John McCain into this week's episode. Eagle-eyed HDBeat reader Ted tipped us off, so we scanned through the 720p recording on our Windows Media Center machine. Sure enough, it looks like the Senator to us in the top left frame, but we'll open up the comments for your opinions. What do you think: did Senator McCain drop off a file to Audrey Raines at 1:32 p.m. on Day 5 of "24"? Better yet: did the file contain the now signed DTV legislation? To help you out, we've got more screen caps for you to review with your official "24 Super Spy Goggles".

We cropped and sharpened this one a little.

Another crop and sharpen. What do you think: is the Senator moonlighting at CTU?

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