Ati/Nvidia logoYou know, we hate Chicken Little as much as the next person, but man the sky might be falling. Everyone here at HDBeat knows you're going to need HDCP to watch HD on your PC, but now it appears that alone won't be enough to enjoy the disc you bought for your computer, since every PC will have to pay a license fee for HDCP. The fee is $15,000 annually with a per device cost of $0.005, which of course seems like nothing until you consider this means no white boxes. We know that not all of you build your own, but it's still nice to have the option, and of course this goes for those who hope to upgrade their video card to support the new standard as well. So it appears with this fee anyone who wants to watch the next generation HD on their PC will need to buy a new PC from one of the big boys.

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