Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVDIn case you were wondering: yes, Blu-Ray is still battling against HD-DVD as the format war continues. Today's latest lob is from Erick Hansen, one of the first Indie DVD factory owners. Hansen is in the news with an announcement that he'll open the first indie Blu-Ray factory before the 2006 holiday season. Along with the news is a quote regarding HD-DVD: "Simply put, HD-DVD is a transitional format. I have met few executives of digital delivery who believe otherwise. They are pilotlessness, leaderlessness and even sloppy when it comes to technological prowess -- plus run on an antiquated business model."

Are the formats really that different Erick? C'mon dude, tell us how you really feel. Any HD-DVD die-hards out there with a comment for Mr. Hansen?

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