Torino 06 LogoNot being a big fan of the Olympics, I watch solely to judge its production quality. So far I am disappointed and I wish I could say I was surprised. I was prepared to cast the blame on my local affiliate for dropping the ball on their Olympic coverage, but then I read an article from Swanni complaining about certain aspects of NBC's Olympic coverage. I know it's hard to produce HDTV, especially when it takes place half-way around the world, but I can't help to think that other networks would do a better job.

My main complaint is the macroblocking, which I assume is caused from my local affliate multicasting. The other thing that is annoying me is the number of SD shots during the luge and the cross-country sking. I guess it could be worse and the HD coverage could be dealyed a full day with only one annoying Sony commercial played ad nauseam.

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