HD-DVD player
We spoke about the first HD-DVD players possibly outputting 1080i earlier, so we're wondering if Toshiba's new firmware upgrade for the first HD-DVD players will up the ante from 1080i to full 1080p out of the gate. Sadly, we don't think so; the press release indicates that the HD-XA1 and HD-A1 "connect to HDTV sets via a High Definition Multimedia Interface and output copy-protected HD content (through the HDMI output) in the native format of the HD DVD disc content of either 720p or 1080i" [emphasis ours]. Say what?

Word on the street is that the upgrade is for "full interactivity", so you have to wonder: did they program these for "partial passive viewing"? Regardless, we don't see any mention of "1080p" in the news here so in the spirit of "full interactivity" can y'all double-check our reading skills and see if we missed it?

[via Engadget]

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