Heist.....sucksI was watching the premiere episode of Heist last night off my DVR, when at about halfway through the show, it switched from the high definition feed to a widescreen feed within a 4x3 box within the regular widescreen area on my 4x3 TV.  Not satisfying at all.  I'd have been more appalled if the show didn't suck so much (visually it actually looks very good, it's no CSI: Miami or Oceans Twelve, but it looked very natural and pleasing in high definition), but the problem is who do I call and complain to?

It seemed like somebody forgot to flip the switch back to high def after the commercial break or something and since I wasn't watching live, there was definitely nothing to be done after the fact. Despite that, what can we do if our high definition channel suddenly isn't? Do I contact the cable company, the local affiliate and whose desk do I need to make sure my complaint ends up on?

I'd be remiss if I didn't end this by saying I don't recommend watching Heist to anyone, it was really bad. The writing was best described as "Heist feels like it was from somebody who saw Pulp Fiction and Oceans 11 and decided the key to good writing was inane banter and pop culture references". View at your own risk.

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