Oh how we love Hitachi. They were the makers of the best big screen TVs for years. Hitachi has always been on the forefront of innovation and their newest plasma is not letting us down - not at all. Unlike Samsung seems to be doing, Hitachi is loading their newest flat panels with tons of inputs. Most importantly is that this 42-inch HD plasma has three HDMI inputs - two on the back on and one on the side. Same goes for the component inputs - two on the back and one on the front. Hitachi has also thrown in anti-reflective glass and a new native resolution for this panel. Most high-def plasmas are 720p natively but this one is 1080i with the native resolution of 1024x1080. Keep 'em coming Hitachi.

The plasma is going to retail for $2499 and should be available soon.

[UPDATE} Here is a great forum post on the confusing resolution issue.

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