Just like movie theaters, sports bars are feeling the crunch when it comes to home theaters encroaching on their territory. As much as fans might like the atmosphere, not many will come by to watch the game if the picture isn't as good as the one they've got at home. The ESPNZone chain is upgrading their locations with HDTVs everywhere, as well as many smaller establishments. The Chicago location wasn't done in time for the Super Bowl but expects to have their renovation completed next week. One bar owner quoted must have a few HD Beat readers as regulars as he noted that before HD some people would see their TVs, turn around and walk right back out. However, the occasional few-second delay in HD broadcasts can cause uncomfortable situations if some TVs are tuned to SD. It's good to see that establishments are aware of what they need to do to stay competitive, since sports is one of the top high-def draws.

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