A few days ago we brought you "Ten reasons you NEED to be an early adopter of a high-def movie format" and then today "Ten reasons why high-def DVD formats have already failed." Audioholics has a great listing of why HD DVD and Blu-ray have already failed and it has nothing to do with what kind you are buying. Oh no. Like number one: Nobody likes false starts. Well put and very accurate.

All of the topics are great but we like number eight the best. "Enthusiasts Are Getting Tired (and Smarter)" Seriously, it truly does not pay to be on the forefront of current technology. How many times have you gotten burned on purchasing a first generation product, only to have the format not supported within a year or two. (Personally - SACD) Educated people can and will wait to see how this thing fans out, or rather, just wait for a combo player.
This is seriously a very good read that you really should check out.

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