Arrested DevelopmentMillions of fans were disappointed when FOX canceled Arrested Development. While it's nothing new for HDNet to pick up canceled shows or canceled talent for that matter from the big 4 this are some of the first from FOX or UPN. It will be interesting to see how the quality compares to when the show was originally aired on FOX.

At the same time they are also adding Star Trek: Enterprise, which is arguably the worst of the Star Trek genre, but hey it's in HD! We like this show, but we are required to by the geek by-laws. Some fans were lucky enough to catch the final two seasons in HD on their local UPN affiliate, but in some markets their affiliate wasn't up to the task.

Thanks HDNet for continuing to add HD content even if they are the canceled shows. Hey at least it's better than Joan of Arcadia.

Arrested Development [Via AVSForum]

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