The successor to Sony's award winning "Ruby' projector isn't far off -- or so says a leaked Japanese press release. The "Pearl" at least now has a model number (VPL-VW50) and some specs though. The projector is of course 1080p thanks to Sony's third generation SXRD technology with .61-inch panels. This brings deep contrast to the unit and it seems (relying on Google translation here) that it has a dynamic contrast ratio of 15,000:1 with the static contrast ratio of 5,000:1. A 200-watt bulb that is sure to get nice and toasty powers all this but Sony has this covered with a 22-decibel fan cooling system. We hope these specs aren't complete as this press release indicates it only has two HDMI ports; that's it -- no component. We know, why do you need those, but some people have very nice DVD players that they want to use component to transport the video signal. We still don't have a price but this press release is indicating that the "Pearl" is going to hit the streets sometime in October.

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