Yamaha isn't the only manufacturer to unleash horde of new products today. Hitachi is expanding two of their flat-panel lines with new and improved models that are sure to peak your interest. Their Wooo line has a new 37-inch LCD that has an optional DVR add-on. This panel is somewhat of a milestone for Hitachi as it is the first set off the production lines as that Panasonic, Toshiba, and Hitachi share in their joint LCD venture called IPS. Truthfully, though, this LCD TV is just another 1366 x 768 panel with a decent 178 degrees viewing angle but the optional DVR attachment does sound rather nice. The W37L-HR9000 has the optional DVR included and will retail for 350,000 Yen ($3,041 USD) while the W37L-H9000 doesn't include the DVR built will sell for 50,000 Yen less making it $2,606 USD. The H90 product line has three new additions as well and these too are the IPS panels. Once again though, they are just mediocre 32- and 26-inch LCD TVs with the same 1366 x 768 resolution and 178 degree viewing angle. The W37P-H90 plasma employs Hitachi's 1080i ALAS panel a 1024 x 1080 resolution. All of four of the above mentioned sets include the same amount of inputs: 2 HDMI, Japanese D4, 3 S-Vid, 4 composite, 1 monitor out, Ethernet, and a strange telephone input that we aren't quite sure what it is used for. Expect to pick up the sets on September 1 (that is if you are going to be in Japan) with the 32- and 26-inch LCDs going for 230,000 Yen ($1,998 USD) and 200,000 Yen ($1,737 USD) respectively while the plasma is going to retail for 300,000 Yen ($2,606 USD).

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