Not every HDTV review is filled with praise and joy and HomeTheater Mag proves that with their latest review: Sharp's $16,000 57-inch 1080p LCD. This pricey 1080p LCD may look good on paper, that is if you don't see the price tag, but it just doesn't preform well in the labs. We agree with Home Theater Mag that when you are reviewing mainstream to budget level LCDs, you can excuse some of the bad points to the price but when a HDTV rivals the price of small cars, you shouldn't have to put up with these things. For instance, this set does not accept 1080p over HDMI, nor does the actual contrast ratio of 1,298:1 impress anyone. The remote and color levels where just O.K. but it's really the price that is killer. The $16,000 price puts it a level where it should compete with the Sony Qualia 006 or Pioneer's 1080p 50-inch plasma and, well, this Sharp LCD doesn't.

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