Sony might be trying to turn over a new leaf with their newest edition to their "high-end" ES line-up. The STR-DA5200ES not only brings that modern PSP and PS3 GUI to the party, but the brand new Cortez Advanced scaler from Genesis Microchip. We knew that this new GUI was coming but seeing it in action at the press conference was eye-opening. The interface was quick and responsive, but also with enough information on the screen so the user won't get lost - well, not nearly as easily. Eye candy aside, the big news is the incorporation of this new scaler from Genesis Microchips. This chip opens worlds of possibilities by allowing for picture-in-picture between sources, surveillance, and down-scaling for multi-room applications. Sony is telling us that this AV receiver is the first to build the scaler in. This scaler can be used to up-convert up to 1080i over component or even down-convert the HDMI stream to whatever the user fancies. The receiver sports the standard assortment of inputs and outputs that one of its esteem price would warrant - multiple S-video, RCA and stereo inputs along with 3 assignable component and 1080p-enabled HDMI inputs with one output for each. No HDMI 1.3 here though, only the 1.2a spec. The receiver that just might change the way the rest of the audio, and video, world thinks of Sony is going to be available for $1499 in October with pre-orders starting today.

Product demo pictures after the jump.
NOTE: Top box in pics is the Sony Blu-ray player - nothing new there

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