Who would have thought the audio/video industry would have moved so far to the video side that McIntosh would produce a projector? We walked right past their booth a dozen times the last couple of days 'cause while vacuum tub amps and 2,000 Watt mono-blocks are astounding, they aren't high-def. Imagine our surprise when another member of the press (he was from France BTW) told us that we need to stop by and see the amazing complete home cinema solution McIntosh is now offering. The MDLP1 is a 1080p DLP projector that enables McIntosh to offer a total solution from audio to video. If there is something CEDIA has taught us is that if there is a high-end projector, then there is an equally high-end video processor near by and sure enough, the VP1000 is right next to the projector. The processor is another 2-zone processor that feature dual scalers along with loads of inputs, including 4 HDMI, 6 component, 6 S-Vid, 6 composite and RS-232. You sure you want to know the price? Well, it is over $30k for the projector and $16k for the processor. Told ya you didn't want to know.

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