Panasonic announced new high-def projectors a few days ago but because of the slow bus system here at CEDIA, we missed the press event. That's OK though as the President of Panasonic took time to show the new projectors to us personally. The projectors are kind of standard next-gen hardware with a 6,000 contrast ratio and 720p with the lower-end AX100U and 11,000 contrast ratio along with 1080p for the high-end AE1000U. Our talk with Panasonic's Prez made it very clear that the home theater projector market is very important to 'em and to expect a lot from these two products. Even though they are kind of standard specs from our vantage, they looked great in the demo. The lower-end AX100U adds an ambient light sensor that adjusts the output on-the-fly to help counter-act the light in the room. Panasonic has priced the AX100U at a very competitive $2,999 MSRP but we couldn't get a firm price for the 1080p model. Honestly, we don't think they know ether but the President said that it would be priced with the market in mind and should be under $5,999 when it launches mid-November. (Keep in mind the Sony 1080p Pearl is 1080p with a 15,000:1 and is priced at $4,999.)

UPDATE: As a few people have pointed out, yes, the AX100U beats the ANSI out of the Sony Pearl with a rating of 2000 ANSI rather then 900 ANSI.

Keep on click'n for more shots of both projectors.

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