Hitachi P50H401
Today at CES it was Hitachi's turn to announce some new HDTVs. They continue to put their support behind Plasma, they were even handing out I love Plasma T-shirts after the press conference, but that doesn't stop them from announcing a few new LCD TVs as well.
This year they are most proud of their 1080p Plasma (pictured above), no not the TureHD one, the 1024 variety, which they say is "an excellent match for today's broadcasting standards", we're not sure what they are talking about on that one, perhaps they are talking about HD-Lite.

50-inch P50H401, $2499.99 - Available in February
42-inch P42H401, Price not Available - Available in April
55-inch P55H401, Price not Available - Available in July

Hitachi will also be shipping a new CineFormTM T501 Series available in 42-inch, 50-inch and 55-inch models. It is essentially the same as the H401, but it's all black and has an high-contrast anti-reflective screen as well as a SD card reader and split screen; don't look at us, we have no idea what they mean.
The P50T501 will be available in February, the 42-inch model in April and the 55-inch model in July, again no prices.

Even though Hitachi loves Plasma, just like Panasonic they are still offering LCD TVs. They are announcing both the H201 and CineformTM T301. Both are available in 32" and 37" and 1366x768, but what else would you expect on a set smaller than 40"? They of course include 3 1080p HDMI inputs as well as ATSC/NTSC/QAM. The main difference between the two lines is the T301 has the latest craze; 120hz and an all black industrial design. The 37" will be available in May and the 32" in June, no prices yet.

The last new TVs in their lineup are their LCD rear projections.
They are Full HD available in 50", 55", and 62" and utilize 3-LCD 1920x1080 with a 3-panel light engine. There are no prices yet, but all will be available in the summer.

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