Now that the format war is in full swing and CES is over, we are left wondering where the official format war sales numbers are? We have seen the number of PS3 sold as well as the number of Xbox360 add on drives and while some studios have made claims to having the number 1 selling movie on both formats, neither have stated any hard numbers for those of us keeping track of that sort of thing. Sure Fox has a report indicating that Blu-ray movies are out selling HD DVD, but once again only a chart and no numbers. now has sales figures from their site posted and they seem to be consistent with Fox's numbers. Last year HD DVD was the leader but more recently Blu-ray has started to outsell HD DVD. This makes sense considering the number of Blu-ray players on the market compared to HD DVD. Either way we will be waiting till we see some hard numbers from both sides before proclaiming victory like some people.

**Update** We really want to know how many movies were sold, not players or number of titles available.


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