We weren't kidding when we said Mitsubishi is launching an onslaught of HDTVs today. Up next: their new line of 1080p DLPs. Here we go.

733 series 1080p sets include the 57-inch WD-57733 ($2499), 65-inch WD-65733 ($2999), and 73-inch WD-73733 ($4699), featuring 6-Color Light Engine, x.v.Color, PerfectColor, three rear HDMI 1.3 ports, and a front component input.

734 series sets include the 57-inch WD-57734 ($2799), 65-inch WD-65734, and 73-inch WD-73734 (neither have listed prices), featuring the above specs as well as Dark Detailer, PerfecTint, DeepField Imager, SharpEdge, NetCommand, and a front HDMI port.

Finally, the 833 series includes the Diamond 57-inch WD-57833 ($3399), 65-inch Diamond WD-65833 ($3999) and the 73-inch Diamond WD-73833 ($5899), featuring Smooth120Hz, TV Guide On Screen 9.0, Game FX, 1394, and even RS232C.

Feel satiated now?

[Thanks, Steven]

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