Hot on the heels of the drool-worthy Z2000 comes a pair of tamer PJs from Sanyo, both of which take size into consideration. The PLC-WXU10 and PLC-WXU30 each offer full 16:9 widescreen support, a 1,280 x 800 native resolution, flexible zoom lens for projecting with as little as a three-foot throw, keystone correction, and a slew of ports including DVI, VGA, composite, S-Video, RS-232, and stereo audio inputs. The WXU10 touts a 400:1 contrast ratio and weighs in at 7.3-pounds, while the WXU30 jumps to a 500:1 contrast ratio and adds 0.7-pounds. The latter, however, also includes Sanyo's "exclusive PJ Network Interface for wired and wireless networking," which enables the "monitoring of projector functions and operation from a long distance via a web browser." Both units are scheduled to be widely available around October, and while the WXU10 will ring up at $1,495, the WXU30 comes in at nearly double that.