Niveus Media movie library
NiveusMedia has always been known for making the coolest Windows Media Centers around, but when it comes to playing content from other places on your top of the line Media Center, you were on your own. We completely understood where Niveus was coming from, not wanting to get involved in the grey area of the business, and while the My Movie plug-in works really well, we always felt Niveus needed to provide a solution it could support. And after a quick visit to the Niveus demo at the EHX's Demo Alley this week, we got an up-close look at the new Movie Gallery plug-in -- yes it supports ripped movies -- and it is exactly that. This cool feature will bring together all your movies from whatever source, (DVD, recorded TV, VideoGiants, Blu-ray and wherever) and give you easy access to your content. We have to say we were impressed, but what we really want to know is when Niveus will allow us to try it out on our DIY box, like Niveus does with its Companion software.

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Niveus' Movie Library

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