Oh Sony, will you ever learn? After kvetching during the holiday season two years ago about how rampant price drops were wrecking the industry, the still-insane Jay Vandenbree, president of consumer sales for Sony Electronics, has opened his mouth once again this year. Why? To say that by "having the price for these products [HDTVs, for one] be the same at all retailers, Sony had eliminated stress for buyers." In case you weren't aware, Sony has forbid retailers from discounting select high-end HDTVs and cameras, but it's doing so for you, the buyer (honest!). In fact, he stated that because of Sony's heartwarming efforts, "consumers don't have to worry about whether [they] can get a better deal at retailer A or retailer B, and everybody gets the best deal." Hey, Mr. Vandenbree -- define "everybody" for us, would you?

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