While we're trying to figure out if this is the time 3D technology will stick, after a demo at NAB 2009, ZD's Robin Harris is convinced that not only is it the future, but a possible way to save Blu-ray. Moving aside for a moment the question of whether Blu-ray needs saving, his point is that the crisp Panasonic demo eclipses previous tech shows why 3D represents enough of a jump over standard definition to convince customers to pay for new displays, players and discs, and HD 3D needs Blu-ray's capacity and bandwidth even more than just 1080p. Recent 3D exhibitions have impressed us too, and between unified standards in the works, compatible displays coming on the market and Hollywood studios chipping in with new 3D flicks and remastered old ones it may have a future in the home someday, but still-extravagant costs, inelegant glasses and infighting have us thinking Blu-ray will have to stand on its own even beyond 2010.

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