Dolby truck
Our trip to Dolby's San Francisco lab facility was mind-blowingly great, but it turns out that the company is ramping up efforts to let you get behind the "double D" logo. Things have come a long way from optically-encoded film audio and analog tape noise reduction, so Dolby just launched a campaign to bring everybody up to speed on how much higher your grin factor will be if you treat yourself to great surround sound in your home and on-the-go audio setup, no matter if music, movies or games are your cup o' tea. Fire up your browser and hit the links below -- the company is blanketing the webisphere with a microsite, special twitter activity (a little birdie mentioned the magical "giveaway" word), YouTube and flickr. Things will get really fun, however, if you push back from the keyboard, venture into the sunlight and get yourself into the Dolby truck as it makes the rounds at special events around California. Planned stops for the funhouse on wheels are in the links below; you'll see why we'd like to "borrow" this little rig chock-full-of audio wizardry to go alongside our own CES double-wide.

Read - truck schedule
Read - campaign microsite
Read - twitter feed
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Read - Dolby's flickr feed
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Dolby promo truck hits the road

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