We mostly have a tolerate - hate relationship with the Motorola branded boxes (though it's probably the software's fault) delivered to us by various pay-TV providers, but the possibility floated today by the Wall Street Journal that the company could be looking to sell its set-top biz piques our interest. Though real details beyond a potential $4.5 billion price tag are scant, what can't be ignored is the conspicuous timing of this news, immediately after the launch of the latest Call of Duty. While someone at Moto may be trying to avoid another Ryan Block takeover attempt from his new digs at gdgt, we figure if someone can pull him off the Xbox 360 long enough to rattle a saber in the general direction of Schaumburg, Illinois, in 18 months or so there should be a sleek, sexy Android powered DVR croaking out annoying sounds every time we record a new show.

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