MJ this is it

Michael Jackson's This Is It hits Blu-ray and along with it comes an updated movieIQ Sync to help bring movie related information to your PC and iPhone. Walt Disney has the other day and date title with Surrogates. Universal has a few classics including Atonement and Pride & Prejudice, while Warner has 80's hit Fame. Roller Derby fans might want to check out Drew Barry directing ability in Whip It which has a very respectable IMDB score of 7.4.
  • Michael Jackson's This Is It (Sony)
  • Surrogates (Walt Disney)
  • Atonement (Universal)
  • Pride & Prejudice (Universal)
  • Fame (Warner)
  • Saw VI (Lionsgate)
  • Whip It (Fox)
  • Wild Ocean (Image)
  • Give 'Em Hell, Malone (E1)
  • Soul Power (Sony)
  • Paris, Texas (Criterion Collection)
  • Rebellion (Tai Seng)
  • The Toolbox Murders (Blue Underground)

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