Google could be looking to the put the main screen of its Chromecast to work, just before it beams videos to your TV. Reddit user asjmcguire recently uncovered HTML code for the dongle's home screen that references current weather and the day's forecast (based on location), complete with the requisite icons needed to illustrate the conditions. What's more, it seems that the folks in Mountain View aren't stopping with weather: personal photos and locations are also mentioned in the code. As you may recall, third-party devs have been making their own useful add-ons for the device thanks to the open SDK, and Google has already released an interactive PhotoWall and cozy fireplace for setting the proper mood.


Sony to launch PlayMemories Online: 5GB cloud photo-sharing service coming next week

Sony's PlayMemories photo-editing suite has floated around the PlayStation Store for about a month but it will apparently soon be joined by a new photo-sharing service. PCWorld reports that Sony will launch the cloud-based PlayMemories Online with 5GB of free storage in Japan, US, UK, Canada, Germany and France on May 25. Apparently, you'll be able to access those digitized memories through Sony's proprietary software on both PC and Macs, while your photos can also be streamed to Bravia TVs and digital photo frames. The company's WiFi-capable cameras will also get to hook up with the online storage system, while its Android tablets and phones will get their very own app to upload on their own. In an effort to differentiate the service from existing ones like Dropbox, PlayMemories Online will even sync those precious photos with your PSP and PS Vita. Sony will thus ensure you'll never be without at least four screens to show off those shots of your precocious daughter, pug or beachside view. In case you forgot, we've embedded a video from a few months back that should give a better idea of how the system should work -- in a house filled entirely with Sony merchandise.

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We've already seen a lot of the Popbox, which is due out on July 23rd, but now we're getting a peek at the UI. Screenshots revealed on the company's blog showcase a welcome screen featuring quick access to the media library, apps, search and settings. We've also got a center "home" bar of presumably customizable widgets for at a glance weather and Twitter updates -- two snippets that you'll undoubtedly be refreshing at a near-maddening pace. Prominent features in the shared media library view include a top navigation bar for browsing by media type and a left sub navigation rail for media subgroups. Features aside though, these slightly distorted images definitely resemble the original Boxee interface, but we're all reminded that what we're seeing now is just an initial version. In other words, don't be shocked and appalled if significant updates come quickly after the device's official launch, cool?