We all pretty well know by now if you're getting a decently powerful ARM-based cellphone, you're either rocking an Intel Xscale CPU, or you're rocking a Texas Instruments OMAP processor. Well, today TI announced their latest mobile powerhouse chip, the OMAP 3 processor (specifically, the OMAP 3430 model designation). They're claiming the OMAP 3430 has triple the performance of current OMAP 2 chips; so much power, in fact, that it can handily record high definition movies in MPEG-4, H.264, WMV HD (aka VC-1), and RealVideo 10 (and play those formats back, of course), and snap second-to-second 12 megapixel camera shots. Lofty claims, we know, but we won't be able to (dis)prove these guys probably at least until mid-2007, since they won't be shipping chips until early 2007, and will only start shipping samples by the middle of this year.

[Via HDBeat]

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