If ever there was a print publication better suited for translation to the small screen of a cellphone than the venerable comic book, we can't think of one, and soon a Kansas City-based company will be delivering that very medium to handsets nationwide. Mobile content provider uclick has announced a subscription service called GoComics Books at New York Comic-Con wherein customers receive weekly multi-page updates of whichever titles they sign up for, optimized for cellphone displays, for about four bucks/month. The titles featured at launch will all be independent comics, with names such as "Five Fists of Science" (Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla team up to fight evil, presumably MacGuyver-style), "Too Much Coffee Man" (a serialized "Falling Down"?), and "Godland" (town in NJ where gods go to retire?), along with several choices from the popular manga genre.

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