Poor Vodafone, it just can't seem to escape the vicious rumor mill these days. Hot on the heels of a plethora of iPhone talk, now the firm is being forced to deny rumors that it was considering a $160 billion offer for Verizon Communications. Previously, it was suggested that Vodafone was interested in "consolidating ownership of its wireless joint venture," as it currently holds just a 45-percent stake in the wireless division (Verizon Wireless, obviously) of the firm. Notably, Verizon officials declined to comment on the recent activity, but Vodafone spokespersons didn't hesitate to state that "it had no plans to make such an offer." Man, what a killjoy.

*Verizon is currently in the process of acquiring AOL, Engadget's parent company. However, Engadget maintains full editorial control, and Verizon will have to pry it from our cold, dead hands.

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