Doing a double-take? Yeah, us too -- in fact, we're not totally convinced it's fake. This here is allegedly a "chinese [sic] clone" of Nokia's 3.2 megapixel N73 candybar for sale in New Zealand, but apart from some wonky looking user interface stuff, it looks like a perfectly legit Asia-spec N73 to us. For what it's worth, the specs list a 2 megapixel cam (1.2 off the real deal's mark), a mere dual-mode GSM radio, and a listing of "data mode" that leads us to believe that EDGE may be nowhere to be found -- let alone 3G -- so odds are the imitation only goes skin deep. Then again, if it turns out to be one of Espoo's own, someone's lined up to get a real steal on an N73, no?

[Thanks, Ebbi]

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