We'll make this quick since we've already given you all the details related to Sony Ericsson's Motion Gaming F305 and S302 Snapshot. The F305 quad-band GSM/EDGE slider relies upon a motion-sensing accelerometer (pictured bowling), dedicated gaming controls, and stereo speakers to create the gaming experience -- an experience hampered by a wee 2.0-inch, 176 x 220 display. It ships with a standard 8-hour battery with an optional CPP-100 backup battery pack to extend play. The quad-band GSM/EDGE S302 Snapshot is just a regular ol' candybar with 2 megapixel sensor, photo light, video recording, and plenty of build-up trying to position it as a camera first, phone second. Both hit in Q4.
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Motion Gaming F305 and S302 Snapshot handsets

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