We've stumbled across a... ahem, major national retailer's stock sheet for the next few weeks, and things are looking up -- particularly on AT&T, where we'll have a couple of long-awaited releases. Let's start with the unknown, though: there's a "Jackfrost" due at the end of the month, and without even a manufacturer listed, it's impossible to know what this thing could possibly be. More importantly, though, the long-rumored LG Zenon (which spikes the less-trademarkable "Xenon" spelling we'd seen before) is slated for mid-April, and the even longer-rumored E71x -- which may simply be known as the E71 by the time it launches -- should drop by at the beginning of next month. Moving over to Big Red, that Nokia 7205 Intrigue that's been kicking around in spy shots since the early part of '08 might finally launch in just a few days' time. All told, we have a lot of emotional closure around the corner with these launches, don't we?

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]

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