The Jack's just fine and dandy if you want a WinMo Standard device on AT&T with a portrait QWERTY keyboard, but what if you're, say, coming from a Pearl? Odds are you're pretty comfortable with a SureType-style 20-key layout, and that's what the GW600 HQ from LG promises. This device sorta made the rounds -- albeit covertly -- at MWC a few months back, and we hadn't taken it as a likely candidate for American release, but this slide seems to prove us wrong. It's got triband 3G, a 2 megapixel cam, microSD expansion up to 16GB, Windows Mobile 6.1, 320 x 240 non-touch display, and a lofty target date of July 6, which might give you just a little more pause before you make that Jack buy. Follow the break for a closer look at those 20 glorious keys -- along with the rest of the HQ.