Remember what HTC's first WiMAX phone was? The EVO 4G's getting all the attention these days, of course, but it was actually Russia's Yota that announced the so-called MAX 4G with Windows Mobile way back in November of '08. Being first to market doesn't always mean you're the most successful, though -- and in the battle for 4G data, WiMAX seems to be rapidly losing momentum to LTE, including an announcement by Yota late last week that they'd be spending $100 million to roll out LTE in five cities this year on the way to a total of $2 billion. Putting it bluntly, Yota says that "the world's biggest operators and device makers such as Nokia and Samsung have chosen the LTE standard... following the global trend, we are seeking to give our clients the best solutions." In other words, it believes LTE is going to be the "best solution" going forward -- and considering the number of manufacturers, carriers, and industry associations throwing their weight behind it at this point, it's hard to disagree.

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