Yes, the blurrycam snapshot you're now squinting at is purported to be Sony Ericsson's resurrection of its Cyber-shot phone -- yet unlike prior endeavors, this shooter is rumored to be fueled by Android. Beyond the touchscreen interface, however, there's scant few details to go on -- other than prior rumblings that Sony is developing a camera with 3G connectivity. Frankly, we love a great lens, but when apps, messaging and voice get added to the equation, it becomes utterly delightful. Needless to say, this leak arrives in a lovely twist of irony as one of the blurriest outings we've seen in recent memory. We're just hoping Mr. Blurrycam wasn't fumbling with a Google-powered Carl Zeiss when going sans-tripod in front of this one.

[Thanks, Uncle Lala]

Engadget Podcast 239 - 05.13.2011