10 DIY tech deals to keep your mind busy

Learn how to build a near-limitless number of awesome electronics products with the whole family.

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Stack 4/18/20

There are plenty of benefits when it comes to spending pretty much every hour of the day at home—including the close proximity of the refrigerator and the fact that you can get away with wearing your favorite pair of pajamas all day without consequence. 

But even if you're living your best at-home life right now, keeping your mind active and engaged can be tricky, especially if you're isolating with a restless family. So in order to make your quarantine just a bit more enjoyable (and educational), we've rounded up ten of the most popular DIY electronics kits, courses, gadgets, and eBooks that will keep you and the family entertained for hours on end, and each one is available at a significant discount for a limited time. 

1. SunFounder PiCar-V Kit V2.0 for Raspberry Pi 4

Stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $115 | Sale Price: $105 (8 percent off)

Unleash your child's inner inventor with this incredibly enjoyable and educational robotic car kit. Perfect for fostering a variety of STEM skills, the SunFounder PiCar-V kit comes with everything you need to build a fully-functional robotic car from scratch, and there’s plenty of instruction that walks you through both the coding and engineering elements.

2. The Complete Arduino Course Bundle

Stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $540 | Sale Price: $30 (94 percent off)

Embrace the Internet of Things revolution with this extensive Arduino bundle, which makes it easy to build a virtually limitless number of awesome gadgets and tools from scratch—ranging from home automation systems and robots to server networks and operating systems.

3. The Ultimate Raspberry Pi eBook Bundle

stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $212 | Sale Price: $20 (90 percent off)

With four extensive eBooks, this best-selling bundle walks you through every element of the incredibly popular and powerful Raspberry Pi platform. You’ll learn how to build supercomputers in the comfort of your own home, create coding strings that can automate multiple tasks, develop best-selling apps and much more—all through instruction that’s easy to follow regardless of your previous experience.

4. Pay What You Want: The Complete Arduino eBook Bundle

Stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $246 | Sale Price: Pay What You Want 

Pay any price you want for this Arduino eBook bundle, which walks you through both the fundamentals and more advanced elements of this limitless development tool. There’s instruction that teaches you about coding, robotics, LEDs and apps, and you’ll have access to plenty of material that shows you how to integrate third-party platforms into your builds as well.

Pay what you want, and you’ll get one of the six eBooks instantly. Beat the average price paid, and you’ll unlock the rest.

5. SunFounder Robotic Arm Edge Kit for Arduino

Stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $70 | Sale Price: $55 (21 percent off)

Take a deep dive into DIY robotics by building your very own functional robot hand with this all-in-one kit. Your order includes everything you need to complete your handy gadget, and once you’re done, it’s easy to control the robot using simple lines of code on your computer.

6. SparkMaker Original SLA 3D Printer Starter Bundle

Stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $396 | Sale Price: $300 (24 percent off)

The 3D printing revolution is here, and this starter bundle makes it easy to break into this exciting new field through projects that are affordable, safe, and easy to use. You’ll be able to create pro-level 3D models in minutes, and the included SLA and UV LCD resins are completely harmless even indoors.

7. BONDIC® Starter Kit + Extra Refill

Stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $25 | Sale Price: $15 (40 percent off)

Fix, fill, mold and build virtually anything you can imagine when your go-to glue fails to do the job with BONDIC—a revolutionary multipurpose bonding product that utilizes liquid plastic in order to fix a wide range of products in seconds. Your order even comes with an additional refill tube that will last for months.

8. DIY Coding Kit for Ages 8 to 12

Stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $99 | Sale Price: $80 (19 percent off)

Help your child develop their STEM skills with this engaging coding kit. Perfect for ages eight to twelve, the kit will introduce your child to a variety of coding platforms—all through easy-to-follow instruction that also teaches them how to design and create multiple robotics tools.

9. Ringo DIY Mobile Phone Kit + Tools

Stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $195 | Sale Price: $180 (7 percent off)

A favorite on Kickstarter, the Ringo DIY Mobile Phone Kit lets your family discover the incredibly fascinating and important technology that powers the world’s mobile networks. You’ll have access to all the tools you need for the project, and your builds are completely compatible with lots of additional hardware expansion modules for near-limitless customization.

10. MAKERbuino Educational DIY Game Console (Standard Kit)

Stack 4/18/20

MSRP: $75 | Sale Price: $70 (7 percent off)

Teach your kids how to build their very own gaming devices while encouraging them to develop valuable STEM skills with this DIY gaming console. Complete with all of the various components and modules you need to get started, this kit revolves around the popular Arduino platform and can connect to a number of third-party platforms via specialized link cables.

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