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The 20 Mac Games that Mattered Most

Gregory Han

If you’re an 80’s kid like myself, you still remember the glory days of Mac gaming, before the PC became the gaming platform of choice of developers and gamers alike. I remember developers like Sierra, Broderbund, Maxis, Silicon Beach, and of course Bungie, releasing their excellent titles on floppy disks for the Mac (sometimes exclusively), and sitting hours upon hours immersed playing M.U.L.E., or The Bard’s Tale, or Dark Castle. It was during those hours as a kid behind the keyboard and mouse gaming I fell in love with the Mac. Inside Mac Games has a great top 20 list of games that lists many of these old school games that redefined genres, alongside some more recent titles of note, all in celebration of our beloved gaming machine of choice reaching its twentieth birthday. My favourite Mac title of all time, Myth I & II, stands at #14 on the list. Perhaps it time to reload SoulBlighter back onto my drive….

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