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The week in Engadget

Peter Rojas

toshiba driveThe big CeBIT tech trade show is going on in Germany right now, and mainly all that's come out of it is a nauseatingly high number of new cellphone announcements. We'll have some floor show reports tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are some highlights from the past seven days of Engadget (Robotic speedboats! Brand new iPods!):

Grand Challenge Hijinks

iPod can't buy me love

Toshiba's mini-drive sets Guinness World Record (pictured)

Killing your hard drive

Nokia's first one megapixel cameraphone 

Samsung's two megapixel cameraphone

The Stunning Ring

Home model roller coaster kit

The new iPod?

Coin-operated WiFi access point

The Ghost Guard 

The ROBOlympics

Tricked-out Treo 600

TiVo Will Die

Live from CeBIT: BenQ's Treo Killer

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