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Is Apple It’s Own Worst Enemy?

Sean Bonner

Fellow WIN blogger Pariah made this statement the other day:

Actually, Apple’s current direction is the biggest proponent for using Windows. Apple is doing its best to force everyone to Windows by strangling the market for third-party applications developers on the Mac.

Needless to say some people had some questions about what he was implying, and where he was headed saying something like that so he’s been kind enough to explain himself in a little more detail. Thius editorial makes the arguement that Apple relies strongly on 3rd party software for a number of reasons and if it keeps trying to beat those companies at their own game it’s going to lose in the long run. I’m not certain I agree with this. I think competition is good, and if people only have one option they are stuck with something with no choice. When there’s several programs all doing the same thing, people will lean towards who ever is doing that better. If Apple can do it better, either those other companies need to step up to the plate, or people will start using the Apple version. Likewise, if they are doing such a great job in the first place they shouldn’t be worried about someone doing it better.

I’m all for improvements, whichever side them come from. For example, people moved away from outlook because is a better program, but the first e-mail application that stops spam 100% will be the king, regardless of what company makes it, or if it plays nicely with iChat.

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