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First look at Sony's Librie eBook reader

Gareth Edwards
Sony Librie eBook reader

Over at dottocomu are some extensive first thoughts on Sony's Librie eBook reader contributed by fellow gadget enthusiast Kakyou. The hardware looks pretty good but, as documented elsewhere, the DRM is less so—you pay a non-refundable fee to rent ebooks for 60 days, at which point your investment vanishes in a puff of smoke.

So the end analysis is that this is a great first step device that showcases some cutting edge technology as well as pointing out that genetically altered monkeys should not be allowed to submit marketing plans for Sony. Until there is a hack out there for personal published documents (like there is for the Rocket Book) this product will go down in Sony's vault for stupid expensive ideas. At least it's so small it should fit. It's getting crowded down there lately.

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