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People Are Pissed About Their PowerBook LCD Displays

Sean Bonner

As of right now, almost 1700 people have signed a petition asking Apple to own up to manufacuring defects in LCD screens used on G4 laptops (specifically Al 15” versions?). Message boards are full of complaints about “white spots” on the screens, and Cory Doctorow chimes in about his own problem unit:

I bought mine last fall, and had to return it twice (first one was DOA, the second had the white-spots so bad that strangers on airplanes would come up to me and say, “Jesus Christ, what the hell is wrong with your screen?”). Now I’m on my third unit, and it’s got the same problem: screen at about 50 percent brightness, big white splotch in the middle of the it.

(via BoingBoing)

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