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Coke's sodaphone

Peter Rojas
Coke can phone

Once again, courtesy of a mandatory filing made with the FCC, we've gotten the scoop on yet another new cellphone. But this one isn't some super-futuristic design from Samsung or Motorola that we'll all be lusting after in a few months: rather, it's a soda can-shaped cellphone that Coca-Cola had custom-made for a contest its running this summer. They're going to start putting a few of the sodaphones in 12-packs this summer, and if you find one of them you press a button which instantly connects you to an operator who'll tell you that you've just won a Chevy SUV. Another button activates the a GPS homing beacon on the can so that Coke can immediately deliver the prize to your location (Coke actually did something similar in Australia last year). One question? What happens to the phone if you put a winning 12-pack in the fridge before opening it up?

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