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Sony's wireless tablet PC

Peter Rojas
Sony U70

And a third surprise out of Sony today: a wireless tablet PC that's not actually a Tablet PC (since it runs on the regular flavor of Windows rather than Windows XP Tablet PC Edition) and is just 2.6cm thick. The Vaio UGN-U70, which has a 1GHz processor, a 20GB hard drive, and built-in 802.11g WiFi, isn't meant to be anybody's main PC (its screen is rather small), but is pitched as a mobile multimedia machine for accessing watching videos, listening to music, reading ebooks, and looking at digital photos. We're not sure about that Sony iPod, and there are plenty of other 17-inch laptops out there, but someone at Sony must have realized that this is exactly what we've been looking for. Now all they have to do is hurry up and release it outside of Japan.

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