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VIA's MoMA Eve portable game console

Peter Rojas

As expected, VIA introduced a portable game console of their own yesterday (why does every manufacturer suddently think they should have one of these?). The MoMA Eve is actually designed to play PC games as well as custom-built games, and will have a 533MHz processor, a 20GB hard drive for storing games (and videos), built-in WiFi, and a CompactFlash memory card slot. Games can be uploaded from a PC, but here's where things get weird: you have to have a SIM card that'll let you play games that you've purchased on the console, but if you want to spend a little more, you can buy a second SIM card that will completely unlock the MoMA Eve entirely.

There are a lot of problems here besides a complicated content protection system. First, the price. The MoMA Eve is supposed to cost "under $500" which means it's going to cost a lot more than most people will want to pay for a portable game console, even with all those fancy features. Second, the design. Yeah, we love the white plastic, but did they not realize that without folding up there's no way anyone can carry one of these around?

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